Tapping Into NATURE’S WISDOM to Build Character and Values in Children.

Its all there in NATURE

Building on children’s natural inclination for curiosity and creativity, at Magnifying Horizons,we are passionate about showing that the knowledge and application of nature’s wisdom, can be used to build positive character traits in children.  It ultimately helps them to define their values and consequently moves them to a higher and better appreciation of the world we live in and their place in it.

“Our philosophy”:- Exposing children to Nature and its Principles is the FIRST step to building and nurturing positive character traits in them.

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Our new Children’s Book!

Follow Boma’s Adventures as your children learn about nature and its inhabitants!


The Face in the Mountain by [Okudolo, Tolulope]

A Great Father-Son story,
“Liken to Lion King, this is a coming of age story of a father and son. It is a beautiful tale that inspires us to remember that what we do affects the world we live in. A great story to share with your kids and a really fun one to give to a father to read to his son”
Independent Reviewer- R. P. Blotzer

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Our New Children’s Book !

What is the story around being good?

Pixie Drumlo is drafted to help deliver treasured rewards to children on earth—follow him, as he ventures into unknown lands and down into the shadows on and around the earth! 


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You will learn, how being in nature can help children observe the laws of creation, develop their spirituality and develop positive character traits.  You will also learn  how using nature’s wisdom to build your child’s spirituality and  character also ultimately helps you to build your own.


Download our free e-book –

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Our Parenting with Nature™ E- course!

This e-course is designed to help parents and guardians of young children see the overwhelming possibilities that nature provides to help nurture and build positive character traits in children.  The ensuing aim is to increase a child’s sense of wonder which gradually culminates in spiritual growth and defines their values and life henceforth.

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Our principles

Our five principles for  using Nature  to develop character & values in children and helpful guidance on how to practice them.


Enhancing creativity, building connections and encouraging discovery-. Find out how Nature does this for Children .


Using Nature’s tools help your child discover their true selves – You may discover yours as well…

Cultivate respect in children by observing and learning from Nature

What is respect?  In short, the quick definition is to have due regard- due regard for people, things and the way they are.  It does not  mean you have to agree with them, however it is a word that connotes […]

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The Law of Balance in the Education of Children

From our taking in of food, to its elimination, breathing in and breathing out, the making of stars and planets, and their dissolution, everything revolves around this one law- balance.  Unfortunately for us, we have attempted to sidestep it by […]

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What about birds that don’t fly south in the winter?

I was visiting a cousin on a snowy day, and as I walked up to her front door, I heard some  tweets in her weeping mulberry tree.  Curious as to what birds could survive the icy blast that followed me […]

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